Top Whole House & Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

PINNACLE MR-C1500 – 1500 GPD

  • Ideal Rated System: APEX MR-C1500
  • Price:$$$$.
  • Gallons Per Minute:1.04.
  • Gallons Per Day:1500.
  • Recuperation Rate:50 -75%.
  • Filter Stages:4.


  • Constructed in the USA, the APEX MR-C1500 is the highest high quality and most acceptable industrial reverse osmosis system that we understand. Integrated with an optional storage space container + distribution pump, it is ready to go the whole house reverse osmosis system.
  • Giving you the circulation rate and also capacity that you and also your family members demand.
  • The 3-stage filtering system uses
  • A 5-micron debris pre-filter to trap sand, rust, and also other particles that stops blocking.
  • 2 x 10-micron run carbon block pre-filters which get rid of chlorine, chloramine, hydrogen sulfide, organic impurities like this as well as herbicides, and various other unsafe chemicals that likewise make your water preference as well as odor undesirable.
  • Three successive RO membranes to obtain rid of heavy steels, salts, nitrate, fluoride as well as approximately 99% of loads of other pollutants.
  • All filters are standard-sized, so you can change them with off-brand versions in instance you have details filtering needs or intend to invest less.
  • Since all wastewater is recycled, the typical healing price with this charm is 50% to 75%, which is far better than what you obtain with many other units. Plus, it’s excellent for the atmosphere and a real money saver.
  • A high-stress pump assurances optimal water output: 1.04 gallons per min or 1500 gallons each day. Stay clear of long waiting times as well as maintain your tank full.
  • Above that, a steel structure makes it less complicated to set up, preserve, and also move this business reverse osmosis system. Inlet and electrical outlet stress gauges provide you an at-a-glance introduction of the system’s status and show when the filters require to be altered. Other meters permit you to keep track of just how well the system carries out and make adjustments.


Allow’s place it this way: Quality doesn’t come cheap.

Our Verdict.

This system is it if you want to go all-in on a whole house or commercial RO filtration. It’s quickly the ideal whole house reverse osmosis system giving incredibly distilled water at a great flow price – top quality created all over it. Go inspect it out!

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WECO HydroSense – 500 GPD.

  • Finest Price-Performance: WECO HydroSense.
  • Rate:$$.
  • Gallons Per Minute:0.35.
  • Gallons Per Day:500.
  • Recovery Rate:50%.
  • Filter Stages:6.


  • The WECO HydroSense is a light business RO water filter system suitable for residential usage, colleges, clinical workplaces, hydroponic expanding operations, and even more.
  • It comes in 5 somewhat various variants, so you can select the one that finest fits your needs (from cheapest to highest possible rate):
  • Typical HydroSense-0500 – uses debris and carbon block pre-filters to eliminate larger fragments and a variety of chemicals consisting of chemicals, chlorine, chloramines, and their cancer-causing byproducts. This not just secures the wellness of your family members yet likewise stops the whole system from obstructing. Negative taste, as well as smell, are additionally gotten rid of. Also, the system uses a total of 5 x 100 GPD RO membranes rejecting up to 98.5% of all remaining contaminations, such as nitrate, fluoride, lead, and total TDS.
  • HydroSense-0500DI – has an extra deionization material filter to attain 0 ppm in TDS.
  • When keeping your water in a holding tank,) hydrosense-0500gac – comes with a granular turned on carbon post-filter to get rid of any type of residual tastes and smells (excellent for whole-house usage.
  • HydroSense-0500UV – features a UV filter stage to kill all germs that might have survived the purification process or somehow enterer the water later on (excellent for whole-home use when keeping your water in a holding storage tank).
  • HydroSense-0500GAC-CAL-UV – is our preferred as it includes both a UV filter stage + a carbon post-filter to provide your water a completing touch. What’s more, the filter also remineralizes your moisture-boosting its pH worth to protect pipes and components from rust and improve preference.
  • What else is there to state? For one, the pre-filters are 20 ″ rather than ten ″, which doubles their capacity for fewer substitutes conserving you money and time.
  • Automated pressure sensors and four independent booster pumps make the system run under ideal conditions and maximum capacity. Circulation rate: 0.34 GPM for on-demand usage at a 50% recuperation price (or 1:1 waste to decline water ratio) to keep your water expense reduced. Only the APEX MR-C1500 has far better stats.
  • FYI: Although we have four pumps, the HydroSense runs really efficiently and peaceful without making troubling sounds.
  • The whole system is pre-assembled as well as can be established with easy devices. If you do every little thing on your own, you must have it up as well as running within a number of hours. Pre-filter cartridges can be transformed with the aid of the filter wrench included in the bundle. On top of that, if you have any concerns, the WECO staff is delighted and very educated to aid you with all your queries.


We got absolutely nothing.

Our Verdict:

The WECO HydroSense makes rejuvenating water your whole family members will take pleasure in. At the same time, it provides high-purity water as needed across a series of industrial applications. All in all, you can not go wrong with this item.

iSpring RCS5T Review – 500 GPD.

  • Most acceptable Selling Unit: iSpring RCS5T.
  • Price:$.
  • Gallons Per Minute:0.35.
  • Gallons Per Day:500.
  • Recuperation Rate:50%.
  • Filter Stages:5.


  • iSpring’s RCS5T is another industrial-grade reverse osmosis system that supplies sufficient water for whole families or little businesses on demand, implying that it does not include a storage tank.
  • Nevertheless, you are free to include a non-pressurized tank in the mix with a shipment pump to make the whole system house all set. With this setup, the only drawback is that the filters cartridges will require constant modifications about various other week or so. As for the RO membrane, it’s a bit much less frequently.
  • Under perfect problems, the RCS5T has an academic filtering ability of 500 gpd or 0.34 GPM. According to iSpring, the real outcome is most likely to range 350 and 450 gallons – still adequate for a family of 3 or 4.
  • We like most about the system: the 50% recuperation price (many thanks to a booster pump). In various other words, for each gallon of filtered water that you can use, 1 gallon decreases the drain. Currently, we understand this appears like a whole lot. However, for a reverse osmosis system, this is actually pretty damn good.
  • Four debris and carbon pre-/ post-filter phases + 1 dual-flow RO membrane layer (pore size 0.0001 micron) eliminate all the negative stuff that may be hiding in your water:

            94-96% arsenic( V).

            99% asbestos.

            99+% germs.

            94-95% chloramine.

            94-96% fluoride.

            96-98% lead.

            90+% THMs.

            And also, the list takes place. 

  • How challenging is the install? Not challenging in all. It coincides with setting up a normal under sink Reverse Osmosis system – unless you include a holding container and a distribution pump, naturally. This could be a possibility to conserve some additional cash!
  • Above that, maintaining the unit is a wind. All you need to do is change filter cartridges according to your water usage and also the integrated stress gauge. The initial collection of filters becomes part of the bargain.
  • And last but not least, iSpring supplies a complimentary 1-year cash back assurance and a 1-year guarantee if you register your system with the business. Their customer care is fantastic. The team will certainly assist you to function through all troubles if requirement be.


What don’t we like? Quick connect fittings that tend to leak. As well as the customer guidebook might do with an upgrade. Additionally, the smaller ten ″ pre-filters will put on out quicker.

Our Verdict:

If you do not desire to be investing a thousand buck or more for a water filtration system, the iSpring RCS5T is your ideal choice. However, don’t underestimate the moment and also money that goes right into its maintenance.

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